Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking Back the Crap Room - A Lamp

I haven't crafted in a while, but this weekend, I got the itch. It's probably the thought of Spring being near and all things fresh. I decided to reclaim the craft/guest room.  For the past couple of year, this room has been home to items, boxed and loose, that Lizzie brought when she transfered to a school closer to home.  After a year and a half of trying to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up, our oldest daughter had an "Aha!" moment:  The things she enjoys most is to be with children and would love to become a teacher. (That was a "Duh!" moment for those of us that know Lizzie because the joy she gets from kids and the joy she brings out in them has always been apparent.)  Eventually, life brought her back home along with way too much stuff that has taken over several areas in our house (Don't get me started!) including our craft/guest bedroom ... now lovingly called The Crap Room.  Anyway,  I decided to reclaim this room, one baby step at a time.  The first baby step was prettying up an old lamp.

After dusting off the lamp shade, I punched holes, in sets of 2, all the way around, as high up as my handheld paper hole-puncher would let me.  Measure your lampshade and spread the holes around evenly.

I threaded a cloth ribbon ($1) through the holes.  I made sure to start at the back, by the seam, so I would end at the back.  I also made sure that the ribbon showed in front between the holes that were farther apart and was inside the shade between the holes that are closer together.

I finished the threading on the inside of the shade.  I tied a tight knot and cut off the ribbon so it wouldn't stick out from underneath.

Not bad for an old lamp and $1 ribbon. 

Now, on to the curtains!

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