Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New curtains for the craftroom

I had a bit if energy today so I decided to start working on the curtains for the guest/craftroom.  The curtains that are up now are cute - bright multi-colored hearts on a white background. They were inexpensive - cloth shower curtains that I picked up on clearance at Target.  They were easy to hang up - whimsical frog curtain rings hung over white wooden curtain rods.  They just didn't go with the decor that evolved in that room.  
They have been taken down, folded, and put away and await the next project inspiration.

I needed something inexpensive as well as easy to make.  I am by no means a seamstress.  I can sew in a straight line which tends to limit my sewing projects, but I was pretty confident that I could handle this one.

I wanted to cover the shades without blocking the daylight so i decided to go with sheers, but I also wanted a bit of color.   
My inspiration:  
Curtain How-to
Cute, right?!
I took a lot of pictures, but the fabrics are both so light that it's hard to tell fronts and backs...ugh, sorry.

There are three windows in this room so I bought three sheers at Target ($5 each).  

As to not risk putting up another set of curtains that didn't quite go well in the room, I bought the same fabric as one of the panels (green) that I made to cover the closet shelves. 
(It was a VERY easy straight line sewing project.)    
I bought 60" because the sheers are 60"wide.  The  fabric was 45" wide.  I have 3 windows to cover so I divided the 45" by 3 and I cut three 15" lengths.  (If I had 4 windows, I would have cut four 11" lengths and I think they still would have looked good.)

For each curtain:  I ironed a 1" hem around both lengths and 1 width.

I pinned the green fabric on top of the sheer curtain along the width that is not hemmed (FRONT of the green to the BACK of the sheer),

To sew as close to the edge as possible, I lined up my fabric with the right side of the presser foot.

I turned over the fabrics so that now the BACK of the green is against the FRONT of the sheer and I ironed down the top.
Turning the sewn pieces

I pined the bottom edge of the green to the sheer and sewed the sheer and the green fabric together across the bottom edge at 5/8" from the edge of the green fabric. 

I sewed across the width at the top.  This formed the pocket for the curtain rod.  OF COURSE, I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE OF THAT EITHER.  I had very thin wooden curtain rods so about 1 inch worked for me. (I said I was not a professional.)  Determine how wide your rod pocket needs to be depending on the width of your curtain rods. 

I inserted the curtain rod in the rod pocked and put up my beautiful (if I may say so myself) new curtains  --  My hanging hardware was up from when Hubby put up the previous curtains.

That's it!  I'm done!  I told you it was easy.  Sorry that I missed some pictures.  I'll do better next time.

One curtain down, two to go and I feel optimistic that I can complete them before my ADD kicks in and I move on to another project.


UPDATE:  All three curtains are finished and hung.  Yay! 
Maybe, on another day, I'll get some better pictures and I'll post them.

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